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Experience A New Kind of

Earth-Friendly Coffee 

Discover the best organic coffee in Florida, roasted and served with uncompromising passion for a clean, healthy planet.

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AMAR love + VIDA life

At Amavida Coffee Roasters, we believe spectacular coffee helps people live life well, and not only in the “Oh that’s good!” sense.

Sustainable Coffee

We’re always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of responsible coffee roasting, and we’re proud to be Carbon-Responsible, Plastic-Neutral, and a Certified B-Corp. Essentially, we’re committed to giving back to the Earth just as much as we take.

>>> Our Mission

Brew With Impact

We’re pursuing a more ethical industry, especially for our farming partners, by paying a premium for Fair Trade and organic coffees and working with organizations like On the Ground Global to help producers create more prosperous local communities.

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Exceptional Flavor

We see delicious coffee as a pathway to a better world, so we don’t take shortcuts on quality. Roasted with stubborn attention to detail and a hint of love, our organic coffees are designed to delight both the casual coffee lover and the experienced enthusiast.

>>> How We Roast


“All day long, every day, I drink coffee as my beverage of choice. I love a good cup of coffee! But when we make our trip to Rosemary Beach each year and make our daily walk to Amavida, I realize what I have been missing all year long. A GREAT CUP OF COFFEE! If you drink anything related to coffee or tea, or want a fresh morsel to eat, and you drive or walk past this store…. Turn around. Try it!”

– Tom Pruitt

Be Friendly, Drink Amavida

Read more about how roasting the best organic coffee in Florida is our way of making the world a better place for everyone.

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