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Best Light Roast Coffee Blend Antebellum Blend Coffee

November 27, 2018 by Posted in:

Best Light Roast Coffee Antebellum Blend

Far and away the best light roast coffee blend we carry is our Antebellum Blend Coffee! The Antebellum Blend is expertly crafted with your morning breakfast in mind. It is roasted with a light profile, and, like most of our coffees, this blend is a great way to light up your morning.

Our best light roast coffee Antebellum Blend features seasonal Latin American coffees, primarily from Peru and Guatemala. Guatemalan coffee provides the perfect balance of full bodied beans, strong and sweet with complex flavor notes. Peruvian coffees are known for being light-bodied but equally flavorful and aromatic. The result is a light breakfast blend with developed light-medium profile which is comparable to our single origin Peru and Guatemala coffees and is a great way to start the day.