Green Tea with Jasmine Rishi Moonlight

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Rishi Moonlight Jasmine Tea Tin

Organic Green Tea With Jasmine Tea Leaves

Beginning in the spring of 2015, Rishi Tea worked with their partners in China to develop a completely new style of Jasmine tea that we call Moonlight Jasmine. This superior quality jasmine tea uses less rounds of scenting than Jasmine Pearl, but is equally beautiful to behold visually and even more stunning in its lush, abundantly aromatic sweetness. This innovative tea is made from pure spring harvest tea buds – the same buds that are typically used to make Jasmine Pearl – but are left in a natural, slightly twisted shape instead of being rolled into a pearl. The result is a tea with an unimaginably rich sweetness that naturally complements the sweet perfume of Jasmine. Because Moonlight Jasmine is not rolled into a pearl, far fewer rounds of scenting are needed to achieve a deeply fixed floral aroma. With its elegant visual appearance, Organic Moonlight Jasmine is sure to become the next beloved style of Jasmine tea.

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