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Best Peruvian Coffee Producers

March 7, 2019 by Posted in:

Best Peruvian Coffee Producers. Photo of Coffee Farmer discussing the crop.

Sol Y Cafe have become Producers of top Specialty Organic Peruvian Coffee by applying strategies of creating climate change resilient coffee. Situated in the rural province of Jaen in the Andes mountains of Peru, Sol & Café is one of the largest producers of organic Peruvian specialty coffee. Founded in 2005 with support from Caritas Jaen, a prominent Catholic humanitarian organization, Sol & Café is a small farmer organization which produces coffee, rice, and cacao. Sol & Café worked directly with Piura’s Coop Norandino to bring their coffee to the specialty coffee market in 2005.

Over the course of the past fourteen years, Sol & Café has followed a steady growth plan and now represents more than one thousand farmer families in the rural department of Cajamarca. Cooperative members are active participants in the development and growth of the cooperative and are dedicated to producing high-quality organic coffee. The cooperative has instituted a series of systems to manage traceability and improve quality, thereby providing higher prices for farmers. As a result of this groundwork in producing consistent coffee, Sol & Café’s members have regularly been recognized as top finishers in quality competitions.

Annually, Sol & Café exports approximately two hundred containers of green coffee. In addition to being the country’s second most prolific exporter, Sol & Café has implemented strategies for coffee plant pruning and field renovation with the goal of creating coffee farmland with a greater capacity for resiliency to climate change.

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