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Papua New Guinea Coffee Drying Beds

December 24, 2019 by Posted in:

Up close view of Papua New Guinea coffee beans processing on drying bed.

Baroida Estate can be found in the Eastern Highland region of Papua New Guinea. Here they process some of the most exceptional Papua New Guinea coffees on drying beds, like the one seen in this photograph. We are excited to roast and share this coffee from Barioda Estate in Papua New Guinea for the first time! It is exquisite with flavor notes of golden raisin, cantaloupe and maple syrup. This is a high quality coffee that offers a unique experience to those who drink it. While Baroida Estate produces about 200 tons of Papua New Guinea coffee with each harvest, this lot is a limited release. Don’t miss your opportunity to try one of the Mose unique roast we’ve offered at Amavida Coffee.