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Best Ethiopian Coffee by Negele Gorbitu

September 23, 2020 by Posted in:

Best Ethiopia Coffee by Negele Gorbitu

Negele Gorbitu was founded in 1996 following the end of communist rule in Ethiopia and the establishment of the Federal Democratic Republic with geographic divisions according to traditional ethnic divisions. With seed capital of 400 birr, 64 original members incorporated the cooperative on the border of Oromia and Yirgacheffe regions. By 2011 the organization had grown to over 1600 members with 2.78 million birr of capital and a production capacity of 10 containers.

These Ethiopian coffee beans are one of our highest quality Trekker Series offerings. Beans from the Yirgacheffe region produces very floral, tea-like coffees that have a distinctive, citrus forward flavor profile. This coffee is a classic example of all of these characteristics. Additionally, it is a certified Fair Trade Organic growing cooperative that runs their organization with honesty and integrity, all while producing exceptional coffee.