12 oz bag of Amavida Coffee Roasters organic Peruvian Decaf Espresso

Peruvian Decaf Espresso from Norandino

The organic Peruvian coffee used in this decaffeinated espresso is from Coop Norandino in the Andes mountain range of northern Peru. Founded in 1993, Coop Norandino has focused on improving the lives of farmers in the Piura region by implementing sustainable organic practices and improving quality. By consolidating several different member organizations, Norandino has enabled its members to increase their exports into specialty markets across the world. Piura has been hard-hit by torrential rains and massive flooding the past few years due to massive temperature swings attributed to global warming, and Coop Norandino has been at the forefront of coordinating relief efforts to rebuild the region.

The Bottom Line

You will not find many natural processed decaffeinated Peruvian coffees quite like this one from Coop Norandino. Sacrificing caffeine does not have to mean that you have to give up on flavor. Our Peru Decaf Espresso pulls a clean shot that is mellow and malty with molasses and brown sugar notes. It has a rich chocolatey body and a smooth malty finish. It holds up well on its own and pairs beautifully with milk for those interested in more indulgent espresso-based drinks.

Thanks to our friends at Cooperative Coffees for the story about our friends at Coop Norandino!

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