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Certifications that Let You Know We Care

At Amavida Coffee Roasters we believe that better trade is essential to creating a sustainable, honorable and virtuous coffee business. This happens through building long-lasting, deep-rooted relationships with farmers and by creating rightful partnerships. As part of our commitment to our mission, we maintain the following certifications: Organic, Fair Trade, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), HACCP, FSMA, and B Corp Certification.

You can click the certification emblem to learn more about each:

Certifications like USDA Organic help us stay true to sustainability
Certified SCA Premier Barista Training Campus logo
Taking Root's CO2 Responsible logo for our carbon neutral coffee products.
Certifications and credentials like Fair Trade Proof keep us a sustainable coffee brand
SCA Authorized Trainer logo 2018-2021
Quality Certifications maintained through QCS
Certifications like Certified B Corp keep our coffee company sustainable
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