The Long-awaited Alpha Dominche Steampunk 2.1

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Brewing, Coffee, Tea

For months now, Amavida employees have anxiously awaited the arrival of Amavida Coffee and Tea in Seaside’s brand new coffee brewing machine, the Alpha Dominche Steampunk 2.1. What an appropriate name for such a bold, sleek machine. If it were human, we just know it would rock a mohawk. The Alpha Dominche Steampunk is expected to enter Amavida Seaside in January of 2014, and will be bringing great change to the store.

Have you ever had the familiar craving for a french press, but not enough time to wait? Have you ever imagined the sweet dripping of a pour-over coffee, but had to settle for a regular joe? Then the Alpha Dominche Steampunk is for you. With two brewing chambers, the Alpha Dominche Steampunk is able to brew 30-40 cups per hour, vastly reducing the average wait times for specialty coffees. Baristas giggle frantically at the thought of a machine that flawlessly brews individual beverages, yet has an automatic rinse cycle in between. Furthermore, the programming capabilities allow the user to adjust settings to match the preference of the customer. This ensures the exact water temperature, coffee weight, and brewing time to bring out the most flavor in each cup. If you aren’t excited already, view the video below to shock your hair straight.

Alpha Dominche Steampunk from Mark Prince on Vimeo.

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