Amavida Coffee and Tea’s First Annual Latte Art Competition

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Art, Brewing, Cafes, Coffee, Events, Local

The best and most experienced Amavida Coffee baristas were invited to compete in the First Annual Amavida Coffee and Tea Latte Art Competition: Jacob Thompson, Brian Hamrick, Sarah Shoot, and Phil Mercer. Smack talk began as soon as the competitors were notified, and all hands were busy practicing for the big day; May 17th, 2014 would go down in Amavida history. After weeks of self-scrutiny and emotional breakdowns, the day came and all staff converged in Amavida Rosemary to place bets on which barista would pour the best heart, rosetta, and tulip.

The first round was hearts with Jacob battling Brian and Sarah up against Phil. Brian was on his game, and immediately shocked the judges with his nervous fake-out. Jacob is tough, but hearts were not his strong suit: Brian took the round for his own. Next up were Sarah and Phil. Sarah, 38 weeks pregnant, strutted up to the La Marzocco with her infant practically waling obscenities from the underbelly. She poured three delicious, breathtaking heart lattes and shamed Phil into cowering in the corner. One point each was awarded to Brian and Sarah, and the competition was on.

Round two began with a bang as Jacob and Sarah, two direct Amavida coworkers, faced off with snarls. Focused on rosettas, each poured their espresso shots, steamed their milk, and raised their elbows in perfect form.

Alas, Sarah was unstoppable. Three lovely leaf-shapes and frothy, soft milk pillows were made, and Sarah herself cheered as the judges provided the final score. Group two was up, and all Chez Amavida employees cheered as two of their own were up to bat. After three attempts on each side of the machine (and overtime to settle a tie), Brian Hamrick added a second point to the scoreboard. Sarah and Brian were tied for first place.

The third round proved tense as the competitors stretched their arms, popped their knuckles, and performed deep-breathing exercises in all four corners of the room. Jacob and Phil both stepped up, flipped a coin in

hopes of scoring their preferred side of the espresso machine, and took position. Jacob’s milk was superb, and his wrist moved swiftly as a tulip took shape in the cup. Phil, unfortunately, caused his fans to shed slow, heart-wrenching tears as he fell into last place. Jacob, officially, became the third place winner with Phil right behind him in fourth. Tied for first place, Sarah and Brian would soon know who would forever hold the crown(at least, until next year). Both participants set to coffee-slinging, and multiple gorgeous tulip lattes were slammed upon the counter. After deliberation on placement, milk quality, and overall symmetry, the judges ruled that Sarah was, in fact, the ultimate Amavida Latte Art champion. Bets were paid, sentiments were given, and all at the party drank and sang in celebration of the chief latte creator and her second half perched around her midsection.

Congrats Sarah Shoot!

Casey Tindell-Trejo, PR & Marketing Coordinator, Website Administrator
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