Amavida Coffee Roasters Goes Solar

by | Aug 20, 2022 | B-Corporation, Environmental Stewardship, Roaster

Each company’s path to becoming environmentally sustainable is unique and each has different levels of contribution to climate change, pollution, and waste. Amavida Coffee and Trading Company is taking account of their carbon footprint and taking steps to shrink it down with the hope of reversing the effects of climate change. Amavida began measuring their carbon emissions in 2017 with a commitment to becoming carbon responsible by 2020. By measuring their carbon footprint, they gained insight to the sources of their output allowing them to develop a strategy to reduce impact. They became carbon responsible in 2018, well ahead of plan, by investing in carbon offsets through and have continued this relationship to current day. In 2020, Amavida produced 342 tons equivalent (CO2t) of carbon pollution in their wholesale and retail operations. Most of the carbon results from inbound and outbound transportation of products to their retail operations and wholesale accounts. Another impact area is electric energy consumption at their roaster and retail operations. In 2021, Amavida partnered with Optimus Solar to further reduce their carbon impact by installing a solar solution and EV charging stations for their vehicles at their headquarters. The vision of Optimus Solar is “to meaningfully contribute to a world where communities cleanly produce the energy they consume for homes, businesses and transportation, in order to reduce conflict over scarce resources, creating a safer, better, more sustainable future for ourselves and our children. The solar project at Amavida involves installing 170 Q-cell solar panels with Enphase Inverters capable of producing 95,000 KW hours per year. This technology will generate 102% of their power consumption at their 10,000 SF roaster operations. In addition, Amavida will install EV charging stations to support the replacement of fleet and employee vehicles with electric ones in the upcoming years. It is with great delight we share the news with you that Amavida is solar powered by on-site renewable energy systems! Amavida is among the first in the community to take this step towards sustainability and welcome others to join in.

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