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by | May 25, 2023 | Community, Events, The Amavida Family

Exciting News! Amavida Coffee has Expanded to Alabama

Today, we are thrilled to share some exciting news! Amavida has expanded to a new location near the heart of downtown Birmingham, AL. Being here, this wholesale location holds some fond memories for our founders, Dan and Sally Bailey. They called Birmingham home before moving to Santa Rosa Beach, FL and opening the first Amavida roaster and cafes.

Currently we help serve Amavida cafes, as well as many other local businesses along the gulf coast. As our partnerships have grown beyond the beach and expanded through the Southeast, we discovered a need for more space to accommodate our customers’ growing desire for sustainable products. With this new warehouse space, we have room to store inventory and support local businesses with their restaurant and cafe essentials. We are excited at the opportunity to connect with organizations in Alabama that share our love for eco friendliness, prosperity in coffee-producing communities and creating a stable financial future for all.

Birmingham and Business as a Force for Good

Thanks to folks like James Little, the founder of Filter Coffee Parlor, who share Amavida’s vision of providing the best quality coffee as well as enriching the local community, for extending an invitation to Birmingham. This partnership has blossomed into connections with local businesses that share a common goal of sustainable practices! The Alabama Environmental Council (formerly Alabama Council) is a longtime leader of environmental advocacy – the first in the state! Since their establishment in 1967, AEC has connected government, businesses and individuals to advocate for a healthier planet. 

One of AEC’s programs is the EAT Restaurant Initiative, raising awareness of disposable waste and its impact on the environment. Many local restaurants and cafes are already part of this initiative such as Bottega, Blue Root, El Barrio, Red Cat and many others. Amavida is excited for this call to sustainability and sees this as an opportunity to connect with like minded businesses. As a wholesale distributor of sustainable products, Amavida found Birmingham and the community’s appetite for better alternatives to be a natural fit!

Local Collaborations Lead to Positive Impact

Adding to the excitement is also the chance we’ve been given to connect with environmental outreach initiatives in the area, such as the 10th Annual Darter Festival put on by Birmingham Southern College and The Southern Environmental Center. The festival is named for three types of rare and endangered fish: the Vermilion, Rush and Watercress Darter Fish are only found in the waters of Turkey Creek. This festival helps to raise awareness and support Birmingham’s unique biodiversity. As collaborators and sponsors of this year’s Darter Festival, we were able to host Alabama’s first waste free event. Having a chance to help keep disposables out of the landfill and work towards a cleaner future is what we live for!.

In addition to environmental initiatives we are also ecstatic to have opportunities to partner with art and educational organizations, like the Birmingham Museum of Art and the UAB School of Business’ entrepreneurship program. We look forward to continuing to be a part of the community here in Birmingham and growing our local outreach to help make a positive impact through partnership.

What We Do and Where to Find Amavida Near You

Amavida Coffee and Trading Company is a full-service distributor and coffee supplier providing Organic Fair Trade coffee, cafe supplies and equipment in addition to SCA certified barista training and tech repair/support. Our goal is to provide not only delicious and sustainable coffee and cafe products but also become a valuable and integrated part of the community we serve. 

Not just coffee: We provide high-quality food and beverage products to restaurants, smoothie bars, office spaces, specialty groceries as well as special events. Providing businesses the ability to serve distinctive drinks and sustainable to-go packaging that create memorable experiences for their clients. 

As a wholesale partner, you can easily order online through our wholesale site and get weekly deliveries to your door. Other opportunities include our private label program to showcase your brand and take your packaging and branding to the next level.

Interested in Wholesale Opportunities for your Business?

Whatever your needs are, we would love to be your supplier of wholesale products and to provide you with exceptional services that will guarantee 100% satisfaction at prices that accommodate your budget.

Birmingham Location:  3529 S 3rd Ave Birmingham, AL 35022

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