Coffee Tails: Marley and Zeus, Two Unforgettable Friends

by | Feb 25, 2023 | Local, The Amavida Family

Welcome back to another edition of Coffee Tails, where we introduce our team through the “tails” of their pets. Today you will be meeting Colt Austin, and his two love-able pups: Marley and Zeus…

Marley, Zeus, and Colt

Colt is the Operations Manager at Amavida, leading all the wholesale production within our roaster and distribution center, while also being a part of serving on committees with Cooperative Coffees. Today, however, we are going to meet Colt’s two dogs – Marley and Zeus.

Honoring Marley

At the time of this writing (early 2021), Marley was twelve years old and Zeus was four. Sadly, as all dogs do, Marley has since passed. She will live on in our hearts as we share some good memories of the best dog companion one could have. The bond she shared with Colt and his family will never be forgotten. Marley was one of the sweetest dogs that Colt had ever met. She was also extremely protective over his three-year-old daughter, Opal. In fact, she was like the mother of the family.

On the other hand, Zeus is the baby. A child at heart, Zeus will bark until you play with him and always wants to cuddle. Both of Colt’s pups are golden retrievers, a breed most known for their lovable and friendly nature. These qualities shine through tremendously in both Marley and Zeus.

Pick of the Litter and A Camping Trip to Never Forget

In the words of Colt, “Marley set the groundwork for my wife and our relationship.” Colt and his wife, Faith, were five years into their relationship, still newlyweds at this time and dreaming of starting a family. In 2009 is when a friend’s pet had a litter of puppies. What luck! Colt and his wife got the pick of the litter and were able to start growing their family. One of the things that drew Colt and his wife to Marley is that she had the biggest, or fluffiest “tush” out of the whole litter.

Soon after the adoption of Marley, Colt and Faith were taking Marley everywhere with them. Being a loyal pup, Marley always enjoyed these outings too; restaurants, gatherings, and anywhere they would go, Marley was always on board for an adventure. One specific memory that Colt and his wife have of Marley is when they all went camping to Hurricane Lake Recreation Center in Baker, Florida. During this camping trip Marley was only about three to four months old. Colt remembers watching her playing in the woods, the water, and then in the evening cuddling with him and his wife in the tent. A wholesome bonding moment for all of them.

Getting to Know a New Pup

While Zeus is the most recent addition to the family, Colt and his family are still getting to know this charming pup. In 2016, Colt and his wife deiced they wanted to add a new addition to their family. They found a Craigslist ad from a person who was selling a puppy. After contacting the person and going to see the puppy, the nine-week-old Zeus immediately pulled at their heart strings.

Unfortunately, when they met Zeus he also had a severe infection. Colt, being the selfless and caring person he is, wanted to immediately help. So, Colt and Faith decided to adopt Zeus and immediately took him to the vet. After undergoing surgery, Zeus was fully cured, although it did result in Zeus looking like he has a mullet! Finally, they brought Zeus to his new home where he immediately got comfortable in the new environment and always wants to show Colt and his wife love and affection with cuddles. It’s as if he is thanking them both for taking such good care of him.

Shortly after settling in with the family, Colt found out that Zeus is actually scared of small dogs. Zeus weighs about 98lbs and is a bigger dog, but for some reason small dogs terrify him. Anytime Colt and his wife take him to a dog-park and there is a small dog, he will immediately run away. However, Zeus does enjoy playing with big dogs and playing in general.


Colt being the caring person he is, when he is at work, he likes to make sure everyone on the team at Amavida is having a great day. Even through his work, he is making sure people are taken care of. The two committees he participates in for Cooperative Coffees, Membership Services Committee and the Finance Committee, focus on the issues facing the coffee industry and the world today as well as making sure that the coffee producers are cared for.

Colt also carries this quality of selflessness into his personal life with his friends and family. Making sure that everyone is taken care of and happy can be tiring. However, the thing that keeps him going is the thought that his pup, Zeus, is waiting for him at home. Marley and Zeus both have shared this unwavering selfless quality, always wanting to make the family happy and doing anything in their power to be sure they are in good spirits. So, after a long day at work or a long day of being around people, spending time with his furry friend always helps Colt to relax and feel content.  

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