Hand crafted Carbon Responsible Roasted Coffee pouring out of a Loring Smart Roaster.

Working with a Loring Smart Roaster is one of the major steps we took to produce the most carbon responsible coffee! These coffee roasters are 80% more efficient and significantly reduce the emissions from the coffee roasting process. We continue to explore other avenues for minimizing our outputs and invest in reforestation projects that offset the carbon emissions that result from our coffee roaster in Florida. It was a major achievement for us to reach Net Zero, though it has not stopped us from looking further into how we can reduce our impacts on the environment. We will always strive to protect our planet and will never stop seeking ways to improve our business. The B Corp framework has been a great tool in guiding our efforts for climate change, as has collaboration with organizations like Loring Smart Roasters, Cooperative Coffees, and Taking Root.

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