Woman planting trees for climate change as part of reforestation project in partnership with Taking Root.

Planting trees for climate change is a major part of the reforestation projects we’ve invested in through Taking Root. This may seem like a small effort, however it is this and other organic coffee farming practices that are paving the way for a healthier planet! There is power in little actions to create BIG change. Planting trees for climate change is one way to pull carbon from the atmosphere into the soil. Such actions help improve soil health and increase yields for coffee farmers across the globe. Not only does this help the air, and their coffee production, but more importantly it improve the land where they are farming food for their families. In supporting these projects, as well as the people and businesses involved, you can directly influence climate action for the better. We are grateful to all of you who support us and this sustainability work. We are also endlessly appreciative to the farmers who go to such great lengths to protect our planet and help us produce carbon responsible coffee.

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