Duo Coffee Steeper Review

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Barista Favorites, Brewing, Coffee, Tea

A coworker of mine recently purchased Fellow’s Duo Coffee Steeper. The brand new product, funded by a Kickstarter campaign (which recently became a B Corp), was very limited and is already completely sold out. They went unbelievably fast. Now, I’m here to share my experience with the shiny temptress herself, the Duo Coffee Steeper.

The Duo brews coffee through full immersion much like a French press. Dump your coffee in, add water, twist the top chamber, and it filters the coffee into a glass vessel that you can then pour directly into your mug. The biggest attribute of the steeper that sets it apart from the standard French Press is the double filtration aspect that doesn’t require paper filters. This leaves you with a full bodied coffee that is clean and crisp, much like you will get with a pour-over coffee. The Duo is extremely easy to use and clean up is as simple as rinsing out the stainless steel brew chamber and glass carafe with water. A French Press will leave you with sediment at the bottom of your mug because of the nature of how it brews. Not necessarily a bad thing, some people swear by “the sludge,” just different. The Duo has a primary, as well as a secondary, filter that sifts out all that sediment and allows a very clean coffee. There is an area in between the primary filter basket and the secondary filter that while brewing, some of the water is not in contact with the coffee. Because of this, I had the expectation of an oversaturated, watery taste in the coffee, but it was not the case. I tried to be picky about something, and was proved wrong. I love when that happens!

I like this brewer for its versatility. For someone that wants to take his or her coffee to the next level at home, it’s a great tool. I say that because it can be used for much more than brewing hot coffee alone. It also makes an incredible cold brew and is perfect for brewing loose-leaf tea. Making cold brew in the Duo is ideal. Put your coffee in, add water, let it steep for 12-15 hours, twist the top chamber and it filters your cold brew concentrate into the glass carafe. Easy enough. No jars, paper filters, cheesecloth, fishing nets, or whatever else I’ve seen people use in the past. Don’t have 12 hours to wait? No problem, you can make a pretty decent Japanese iced coffee too. Load up the glass carafe with ice and brew your hot coffee on top, twist the chamber and now you have a quick, delicious iced coffee. Loose-leaf tea is also very easy with the Duo. It can be prepared both hot and iced. Same concept as before, place your tea in the top chamber, add the desired temperature of hot water, let it steep, twist the top chamber, and now you have tea. You can even leave the loose tea in the top of the brewer and re-brew as many times as your tea allows.

Brewing coffee manually makes a significant difference in that cup of coffee that you enjoy at home in the morning. Everything is a little bit better with more attention to detail right? Fruit notes, nutty attributes, and chocolate flavors are often hidden underneath stale coffee, the wrong grind, and incorrect water temperature. Coffee has more potential than that! So much care has gone into producing that cup of coffee, soil composition, growing, harvesting, processing, transporting, roasting, and finally brewing. If you’re ready to take your coffee brewing to the next level at home, Fellow’s Duo Coffee Steeper is a good tool to use to learn more about craft brewing. Put your Mr. Coffee under the counter and try it out… when they’re available again, that is.

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