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There are no industry secrets here. At Amavida, we’re energized by sharing what we’ve learned over the past 15+ years sourcing, roasting, and brewing coffee. Whether you’re a passionate home enthusiast or a developing professional, we’re thrilled to have you learn about coffee alongside us.

Explore Our Library of Coffee Resources and Stories

The conversation’s always going on the Amavida blog, where we write about coffee origins, challenges in coffee sustainability, best coffee brewing practices, our local Florida communities, and beyond.

This is the best place to stay up-to-date on what the Amavida team is learning and working through, and ways you can get involved in our community events.

Access SCA Certified Barista Training in Florida

If you’re looking for the hands-on barista training you need to thrive as a coffee professional, we invite you to participate in coffee classes at our SCA Certified Premier Training Campus.

We train fledging professionals on proper espresso preparation, milk steaming, latte art, brewing techniques, barflow, and basic equipment maintenance. Let’s grow your business or career together.

Tour the Roaster and Enjoy a Coffee Tasting

Get an up-close look at how specialty coffee is roasted in a tour of our headquarters and roastery. This is an insightful experience for both professionals and enthusiasts looking to better understand the coffee supply chain and roasting science.

We’ll end the tour with a coffee tasting of freshly roasted beans so you can develop your sensory skills by enjoying multiple coffees side-by-side. Join us for our next event!

Make Coffee with Amavida Brewing Guides

Make coffee exactly like we do in our cafes with Amavida brewing guides. These brewing recipes have been optimized for years to deliver exceptional flavor without overly complicated techniques.

Find recipes for: Chemex, French Press, and Pour Over.

Master Your Coffee From Home

The best learning happens in the real world, with
your senses and freshly roasted coffee beans.

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