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Coffee is an incredibly complex commodity. It is one of the things that makes it so fascinating to work with. We’ve found that coffee education should be continuously changing and improving, just like the supply chain itself. Whether you are looking to master coffee brewing at home, earn barista certifications, or learn how to cup and evaluating coffee quality, our SCA certified training team at Amavida is here to guide you. Take a look below and start your coffee journey today!

Coffee Brewing Guides

Coffee should taste complex, but brewing it shouldn’t be. Check out our brew guides to get started in the right direction. You’ll find step by step directions for brewing “drip” or pour over coffee Hario V60 Dripper ,Chemex Brewer) and full immersion coffee (French press) . Stop worrying about how the brew. Keep calm, follow our directions and skip to the best part: tasting our award winning coffees.

Barista Training in Florida

Journey through the barista skill path with our SCA certified training team, and acquire the necessary skills to be a world class barista at our Premier Training Campus. In these classes you will master proper espresso preparation, milk steaming, latte art, brewing techniques, bar flow and basic equipment maintenance. We are thrilled to share our 15+ years of industry experience, and hope to kickstart your specialty coffee knowledge and skillset. Let’s grow your business or career together and treat your customers to delicious, well crafted beverages every day. Join us for barista training in Florida, along the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Coffee Cupping Sessions

When was the last time you were able to try an array of different coffees at the exact same time? Imagine the amount of variation you could taste if you could  try, essentially, a coffee “flight”.  The side by side evaluation of coffee samples is known in the coffee industry as “cupping”, and is one of the most eye opening activities for coffee enthusiasts.  It is conducted by steeping ground coffee in small bowls of hot water, and evaluating each sample on aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body and balance. At the end of the day, a coffee has to taste great…regardless of how expensive it is, how rare it is, or how pretty the packaging is. Cupping puts all coffees on the same playing field, and lets the flavor do the talking. You’ll be amazed at how much variation you can taste between different coffee origins, varieties, processing methods, and roast styles. Cup with us today and see what you’ve been missing!

Learning About Coffee

On Our Blog

Let’s have conversations about coffee. About community. About sustainability. From coffee origins to the best brewing methods, we invite you to explore our coffee blog.  Here you’ll find: stories from our local Florida communities, highlights about sustainable brands that inspire us, and local/industry events and how you can get involved.

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