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This is not just an article about a building or a business, it’s an article about the caffeinated soul of this brand and years of love over this magic bean we call coffee. A bean that not only brings life (EVERY MORNING), but one that sparks ideas and passion. One that provides energy and invigorates. Coffee is one of the few things that still brings people together in a face to face setting– which is rare in the age of social media. It’s where people gather to discuss life, ideas and business, and this ripples through each person’s experience with coffee. Here at Amavida, that is exactly what our new space provides us. It’s a way for our team to see our vision, show our passion, feel inspired and become even closer to our community.

Amavida Coffee

The new space will not only house, roast and distribute happy little magic beans; it will also be home to our amazing staff and Amavida family. With most of our business now under one roof it will allow for creativity, ideas and teamwork to flow as much as the coffee in this building. We hope to create a community space for locals to gather, whether it be for meetings, events, educational experiences, or in pursuit of adventures for the coffee lover and entrepreneurs alike. (Perhaps a rad place for local block parties too!) 

We are located in the up and coming South Walton Commerce Park. We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by some amazing local businesses, such as Grayton Brewery and Idyll Hounds Brewing Company! Our new space is quite the upgrade from our previous locations, with over 10,000 square feet for roasting, distribution and area for our service technicians. Within the space there are also eight office spaces, a conference room, and a coffee training and a cupping lab. Bonus: there is an awesome sip and chill area fully loaded with a pool table and plenty of lounging space for our crew and anyone who wants to come hang! Our new location is set-up for sharing our coffee enthusiasm and swanky hang-outs, with plenty of room to grow. For us this business is not about the almighty dollar; it is about creating relationships, fostering love of life, and supporting happy/healthy communities. amavida coffee roaster

The cup of coffee is here to stay and will be long after most of us are gone. It’s up to us to educate others about the value of maintaining relationships with farmers and to continue working hard to connect local communities with coffee producing ones. Our crew at Amavida works tirelessly to make sure we are the best importers, providing beautifully crafted and fairly traded coffee to our Amavida family. Our efforts will continue in working with partner cooperatives to ensure that smaller farms producing coffees are provided with healthy environments, safe farming practices and a stable financial future.  

amavida coffee loring roasterThe future of coffee farming, producing and distributing depends on the steps we take today.  Although we may have a long journey ahead of us, we will persevere. By striving to positively impact the industry, being mindful how our goods are produced, and in loving our local community, we will continue to be a leading example. Our team maintains certifications such as Organic and Good Manufacturing Practices. Electric energy is offset with 100% wind power through Arcadia Power and we’ve installed LED lights throughout the building. In addition to our continued sustainable energy efforts, we recently welcomed home our new 35K Loring roaster! This beauty, coined the “green machine,” was made in the USA, and is 80% more energy efficient than our previous model. Our team is excited to continue creating a green environment for our future. Amavida is working with local companies including 30A, on ways we can reduce waste through recycling and composting! Creating an environment that is as squeaky clean and green will forever change the way our business affects the landscape around us. We are looking forward while staying present in order to establish solid ground for growth within our area and beyond.dan and sally bailey amavida coffee

Just like many entrepreneurs, our story started in a small warehouse with Dan and Sally Bailey and a dream. Now, thirteen years later, we are doing exactly what many once thought was a far fetched plan. The Bailey’s dream and collaborative efforts of our team put this roastery on our strategic plan over three years ago, and the feeling of accomplishment across Amavida now is intoxicating. This new space is a symbol of all that we have worked to achieve over the years, and is a direct reflection of who we are and everything we will strive to be in the future. Our vision becomes more clear each day we spend in our new space. We have a strong sense of self and are beyond excited to take the next steps into our future here on the Emerald Coast and beyond.

Amavida would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the many coffee lovers, local fans, dedicated travelers, and those who serve our coffees in their cafe, restaurant or workplace. We wanted to take some time to share with you the excitement of this new adventure because it means so much more is ahead of us. It’s a promise for a healthy future, a bright future, and a cute full of more delicious magic beans.

We hope to share this excitement, and bring our local and global communities together through growth, sustainability and partnership. Be sure to come and visit us soon so you can experience all the delights that go into that magic cup of coffee we have all come to love so much. See you soon!


New Address – 712 Serenoa Road, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 32459  

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