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by | Aug 24, 2018 | Coffee

You’ve had the chance to buy our specialty coffee by the bag online for years, but after receiving many requests over the last few months, we figured it is finally time to create a simpler, more diverse experience for you: fresh coffee subscriptions.

We’ve divided up our coffee subscriptions into three options: Trekker, Reserve, and Espresso. Let’s break down the differences between the three coffee subscriptions and see which one may be the best fit for you.


Trekker: Explore The World Of Specialty Coffee

Our signature coffee subscription, Trekker is your vehicle for adventuring through the many origins and flavors of specialty coffee. Every single origin offering you’ll enjoy features its own unique, high-quality flavors that are the direct results of diligent farming, careful processing, and skilled roasting. These come in our standard 12-ounce bags.

Coffees with a green circle are a part of our Trekker series, including the Ethiopian from Negele Gorbitu. Grown at 1,800+ meters above sea level, this stellar offering features exotic and sweet notes of earl grey tea, jasmine, orange peel and candied grapes with a satisfying elegant mouthfeel.


Reserve: Discover Rare And Exceptional Beans

While we’re proud of our entire lineup, we do enjoy being able to offer limited-release, rare, and exceptional coffees in addition to Trekker coffee beans. These are the coffees that we only have available for a few weeks, or less, because there’s so little to begin with.

Because of the nature of these offerings, they are shipped in 8-ounce bags and are designed for fanatic coffee lovers who are always on the hunt for the next mind-blowing coffee or uber-exotic coffee.


A yellow circle indicates Reserve coffees, like the Colombia Wush Wush from Monteverde. Wush wush is a rare coffee varietal which is so scarcely available, we only imported enough to roast three small batches. With notes of lemongrass, apple, peach and melon, it’s one of the highest-rated coffees we’ve ever sourced. 

Espresso: Pull Stellar Shots At Home

Dialing in a bean for espresso at home takes time, which is why our Espresso subscription is slightly less about diversity and more about consistency. We’ll send you our signature espresso blends as well as single origins that we pinpoint as particularly balanced as espresso, but we won’t switch the offering as frequently as we do with other coffee subscriptions.

Our Espresso Mandarina is Amavida’s signature espresso blend. With a heavy body, crisp acidity, and flavor notes of deep chocolate, sweet tangerine, and orange peel, it’s a well-rounded winner for espresso newcomers and veterans alike.


How It Works

Select your coffee subscription, select your frequency (weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly), and we’ll set you up for regular deliveries of freshly roasted, specialty-grade beans. Our goal is to send you a fresh new bean with every coffee delivery, though, because of coffee’s seasonality, we cannot guarantee that for every renewal.

We’re excited to journey with you through the incredible coffees our producers-partners create abroad, and invite you to start by taking a deeper look at our three subscriptions!


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