Perla Baking Co. Joins the Amavida Family

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Amavida Specials, Cafes, Community, Local, The Amavida Family

Main Street Defuniak Springs in Florida is a downtown which holds opportunities to gather and experience the culture of the city. If you are attending an event, or just exploring the streets, you may come across the delightful smell of coffee and baked goods traveling from the doors of a local bakery. That bakery is Perla Bakery Co., Amavida’s sister company.  In 2019, Perla opened their doors to the of Main Street Defuniak. While it was a rocky start with the COVID-19 pandemic, Amavida had the opportunity to bring Perla Baking Co. into their cafe family. Whether it be an early morning bite or a quick lunch break, Perla Bakery has a dish for you. The bakery offers coffees and teas in addition to an array of food options; pastries, desserts, sandwiches, soups and salads. Along with their diverse menu, Perla also has its own unique brand, identity and purpose within its location.

History of Perla and Amavida’s Relationship 

One of the ways Perla stands out is how they align with the goals of Mainstreet America. In short, Mainstreet America’s purpose is to build conservation-based economic development. The National Main Street Center has been revitalizing downtowns across America for more than 35 years. Coming out of this wave of revitalization was the Florida Main Street Program, who supports the Main Street organizations in the state of Florida. Both the FMSP and downtown Defuniak work together to achieve this vision by using specific transformation strategies listed on Mainstreet America’s website.  In smaller developing areas, spaces for businesses are often bought out by large corporations. Fox Reynolds Henderson – the developer of Main Street – didn’t want to see Main Street have the same fate. Continental Pacific, LLC, a private real estate investment group that owns and develops DeFuniak Springs Main Street, sought out local businesses who hold values that align with Main Street’s vision. Local businesses are important to Henderson in sustaining a local economy, so he sought out Amavida due to their shared goals and values centered around sustainable communities. 

Perla’s Philosophy

Perla pays homage to the historic location. The Cafe’s name is the combination of the two words, “Perfect” and “Lake”, which is how Perla feels about the historic Lake Defuniak. The bakery’s values lie in many areas. Perla sees connectivity as the most important part of creating a sustained community. Carrying out Amavida’s values means enriching the culture of the area through providing public spaces for local artists, events and gatherings. They also have a philosophy of supporting communal suppliers to build long term stability in Defuniak. Along with its community centered goals, Perla’s positive impact reaches beyond its bakery. The cafe is a model of sustainability set by Amavida in offsetting its carbon footprint and lies under the certifications such as Organic Fair Trade, HACCP, GMP and B Corp Certification.

Inspiring Home Baked Goods 

Are you feeling inspired? Perla like Amavida sees baking and coffee as art. One of our supporters, King Arthur Baking, has a unique recipe for Gluten Free Bagels! Try it at home to experience the creative process baking is all about. 

More Information 

Perla values input and feedback from its community and employees to paint a bright future as it continues to grow.  Perla Baking Co. is located on mainstreet, 766 Baldwin Ave, DeFuniak Springs, 32435, Florida. You can find more information on their website.

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