Rebrand Announcement: New Look, Same Vision

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Art, Local, News & Media

Hello Friend,

Since our beginnings in 2004 we’ve aimed to create global impact, improving the lives of coffee producers through our work at Amavida. Our very name means “love life” and is a devotion to our origins and the experiences we hope to create for people within our producer, as well as local, communities.

Today we are announcing a NEW LOOK for the Amavida brand, and while we share this new appearance we want to emphasize that our vision remains the same. The artwork that’s resulted from this rebrand is intended to more clearly express who we are, and who we are growing to become as an organization. We hope that the new logo and other elements (e.g. colors, font) will capture the character of our company, vibrancy of our culture, and quality of our offerings; while inspiring pursuit of our vision & mission – To be recognized as the leader in our industry by our customers, our employees, our community, and our suppliers & to be the best sustainable coffee and tea provider in our communities.

The emblem you see above the company name has been identified as a radiant symbol. The radiant symbol signifies elements which bind us all, as well as our passion for coffee and love of life. In a more general sense, triangles are symbols of creativity and change. Also represented is the sun, it’s rising and setting is a shared experience across the globe and is something our local beach communities are famous for. A mountain may also be seen and is intended to honor producer communities and the coffees origins, which are often found in mountainous regions at higher elevations. Another element of this design is the indigenous aztec style of the artwork, which like our Latin name is inspired by some of our first-formed relationships at origin in Central America. Finally, you may see a pathway within the radiant symbol, which recognizes the journey we are on together and the roads we walk in solidarity.

In addition to a new logo and emblem, we’re introducing a new color pallet! Color provides a strong visual link to our identity across a wide range of applications. The six colors that have been selected are a tribute to our local communities, love for the environment and passion for a healthy planet. Keep an eye out for the new logo and colors, as they will start to appear on signs, merchandise, and other branded elements.

With this new look, dawns a new day at Amavida. As we go forward our company remains little and local, and with BIG dreams for the future and aspirations for positive, collective impact! We are grateful for your continuous support, participation, and enthusiasm in our shared vision.

The Team at Amavida Coffee
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