Visit Coffee Roastery in Florida

People visit coffee roastery in Florida for monthly tour. See barrels of organic coffee and our Loring roaster in action.

If you visit coffee roastery you’ll get to see the step-by-step roasting process. This includes seeing our Loring coffee roster in action! This machine is made in the USA and is incredibly sustainable. We love it!

On the second Thursday of each month we open the doors of our coffee roaster in Florida to share our love of coffee, how we roast it and why we do. A big thing to know about us is we have a passion for promoting sustainability, which means working to be the most sustainable brand we can. So, you’ll get to know about our organic certification, how we source coffee, and the steps we take to serve the most sustainable coffee we can. Things like roasting on a boring, investing in carbon off-sets and using renewable electric energy can have a big impact in addition to buying organic.

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