Seth and May at Ohana Institute

by | Jan 18, 2013 | Community, Events, Local

The Ohana Institute in Rosemary Beach, Florida was a hotspot of kindness today as singer/songwriter duo Seth and May played their first show of the weekend for this year’s 30A Songwriters Festival. The students at the Ohana Institute were teeming with smiles and welcoming gestures, clearly excited about their guests. I was welcomed many times, offered innumerable seats, and was even given tips on how to make my experience more enjoyable (e.g.- “Make sure you don’t lean back right now or your hair will get caught!”). The principal and teachers at Ohana were beacons of geniality, clearly displaying the source of the students’ great hospitality. Two of the instructors, in an attempt to stall the crowd, performed a spontaneous act complete with jokes and beat-boxing. Laughter filled the room and it was clear that these people were not simply instructors, but role-models and confidantes to these children. Shortly, Seth and May took the stage and regaled the audience with stories of their travels with On The Ground to Ethiopia and Chiapas, Mexico, which is how they met Dan, the owner of Amavida Coffee and Tea. They shared the importance of buying items that are fairly traded, making environmentally sound choices, and of overall awareness about the way each person impacts the Earth “family”. Inspiration came flowing from every word that was sang and every chord that was strummed and, through an outpour of unique questions, it was clear an impact was made. From the words of the duo, “So take this love and go in peace. Teach this joy to all you meet.” Today, they certainly did.


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