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Dense, Sweet, Creamy

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Each coffee has its own melody. We have found new aromas and flavors possible due to the strengths of each individual coffee in the Baroque blend. It is the best medium roast coffee we produce! Together the coffees create a harmonious coffee experience in the form of a balanced medium roast that is dense, sweet, and creamy. Certified Organic and Fair Trade Coffee.

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BRQ - Best Medium Roast Coffee


Dense, Sweet, Creamy

Brightness / Body

Medium-low / Dense

Roast Level





1,000 - 1,900 meters


Atgen, Catimor, Typica, Bourbon, Caturra



Find Harmony in the Best Medium Roast Coffee - The Baroque Blend

Music from the Baroque period has many distinguishing characteristics. Long, flowing melodies, sudden changes in volume, contrast between solo and ensemble, and textures of competing melodies being played at the same time. We find that last characteristic is what best describes our Baroque Organic Blend: competing melodies creating a new, more complex one. The sensorial experience of a coffee can be simple, or it can be more in depth. Each coffee has its own melody. In creating the Baroque Blend, we have found the new aromas and flavors created by combining those melodies are only possible due to the strengths of each individual coffee in the blend. We take three unique coffees and roast them to allow for some extra caramelization, while allowing their unique characteristics shine. We find that each coffee is strong enough to sell on its own, but in blending them together we get a completely unique and exciting coffee that is a crowd pleaser. The extra caramelization really allows this coffee to hold up to milk or cream, and the modest roast time allows for enough vibrant flavors for a balanced cup on its own. A similar roast approach to our Espresso Mandarina, this blend is all about balance. As with our other blends, we rotate the seasonal components to ensure the freshest coffee is always used in this wonderful medium roasted organic coffee.

The Bottom Line

The Baroque Blend is a harmonious, balanced medium roast blend that is dense, sweet, and creamy.

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