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This exceptional AA lot from Gathaithi is a standout on the cupping table. The classic, complex and vibrant acidity that we all love from Kenyan coffee beans paired with sugary sweetness that make this coffee special.  Peach and red currant in the aroma give way to peach, baking spices, and brown sugar in the cup. Ethically Sourced Coffee.




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KAA - Kenyan Coffee


Peach, Baking Spices, Brown Sugar

Brightness / Body

Citric / Structured

Roast Level





1720 meters


Ruiru 11, SL28, Batian



Aromatic and Unforgettable Kenya AA Coffee from Gathaithi
This limited release Kenya comes from a small factory called Gathaithi in Nyeri County, 160 km north of Nairobi. The factory is operated by the Gathaithi Farmers Cooperative Society, and currently has 1656 active members. At 1720 meters above sea level, the cherries delivered by small holder farmers mature slowly and produce deep, complex flavors. We were particularly impressed with this coffee’s syrupy mouthfeel, and vibrantly fruity aroma. We made sure to secure a limited number of bags of this delicious Kenya Gathaithi to add to our reserve line up. Coffee at Gathaithi is meticulously handpicked, and cherries delivered by small holder farmers are weighed and processed in the traditional washed method. Cherries are depulped, and fermented underwater for at least 24 hours. After soaking, the coffee is dried on raised beds for 7-15 days. Waste water from the processing is carefully collected and recirculated to prevent contamination of drinking water in the surrounded villages. This exceptional AA lot from Gathaithi was a standout on the cupping table. It has all of the characteristics we love about coffees from Kenya. Intense aroma of peach, red currant, and brown sugar compliment the sugary sweet flavors of peach, baking spices, and brown sugar in the cup. The aroma on this coffee is truly special, it will knock you back every time you open the bag.
The Bottom Line
A fantastic coffee that is intensely aromatic and complex from start to finish. This is why we love coffees from Kenya. The flavor profile will be a favorite for coffee enthusiasts looking to try something truly unique this summer.
Thank you to our friends from Atlantic Specialty Coffee for helping us to source some of best Kenyan coffee from Gathaithi and to tell the story of its producers.


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