Honey Gerardo Peñalba

Milk Chocolate, Plum

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This medium roast Honduran coffee from COMSA Cooperative has a mild, berry-like acidity and syrupy body. It features pronounced berry and dried fruit notes in the aroma followed by prominent flavors of milk chocolate, plum, and caramel. Certified Organic & Fair Trade Coffee.

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MHH - Honduran Coffee Beans


Milk Chocolate, Plum, Caramel

Brightness / Body

Berry-like / Syrupy

Roast Level





1,450 meters


Catuai, Icatú


Gerardo Peñalba

Honduran Coffee: COMSA Cooperative Specialty Coffee

Each year, the coffee producer cooperative COMSA in Marcala, Honduras meticulously organizes a premium lot program to showcase their individual farmers. These lots are limited, experimental and unique. Gerardo Peñalba’s premium lot from his farm, Finca Las Floras, is one of the best honey processed coffees we have tasted this year. With tasting notes of Milk Chocolate, Plum and Caramel, this fair trade and organic certified trekker series coffee from Honduras is a standout in our lineup. 

Gerardo Peñalba grew up in coffee. Since he was a child, he would watch his father work the farm and from an early age it became a labor of love for Gerardo. When he married his wife Fátima Maradiaga, they undertook the start of a family enterprise, and he became a third generation coffee farmer. In  2002, he began his farm's transition into organic agriculture. With the support and guidance from COMSA, he started to manufacture his own organic compost, understanding  the importance of soil health in maintaining productivity and sustainable production.

This coffee from Gerardo is processed using the Honey Process. In this method, the coffee cherry is depulped removing the majority of the fruit from the outside of the coffee seed. The remaining fruit that is generally rinsed off in a traditional processing method is allowed to dry on the outside of the seed on drying tables. The result is uniquely fruity and balanced flavor profile that is very different than the washed coffees that dominate the coffee market.

Gerardo Peńalba’s current offering from Finca Las Floras deep in the Honduras coffee lands is a balanced, full bodied premium lot which tastes of Milk Chocolate, Plum and Caramel . This Amavida Coffee Roasters Trekker Series Coffee is a favorite for the cold weather.  We hope you’ll enjoy and share it!

Thanks to our friends at Cooperative Coffees for helping us share the story of our friends at COMSA.

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