Natural Nemba

Pear, Guava, Strawberry

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This exceptional natural coffee is from Nemba in Burundi. This coffee’s sugary aroma is reminiscent of white grape, pear and peach. Unique fruit flavors of pear, guava and strawberry are balanced by a pleasantly citric acidity. Previous crops have scored over 90 points by Coffee Review!

Ethically Sourced Coffee.

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NBN - Natural Coffee Burundi
Pear, Guava, Strawberry
Brightness / Body
Roast Level
1,800 - 2,000 meters
Red Bourbon
Nemba (washing station)
An Exciting Natural Process Coffee from Nemba
Situated in the northern province of Kayanza, the Nemba washing station is responsible for processing some of the finest Burundi coffees. It is part of a group of washing stations managed by Greenco. More than 3000 Burundi coffee producers located near the Kibila forest make use of Nemba’s station, which features more than two hundred natural coffee drying tables. We have purchased natural coffee from Nemba during past harvests, and along with our friends at Wonderstate Coffee and Greenco were able to work with the non-profit Kahawatu Foundation to purchase goats for four local villages comprised of more than one hundred farmers in the area surrounding Nemba. These goats provide milk and give the Burundi coffee farmers a way to produce income during the off-season. For more information on Nemba and the goat project, check out our blog post.
The Bottom Line
Burundi’s mountainous regions offer the perfect climate for coffee cultivation, and this natural processed coffee from Nemba is representative of the unique flavors available in coffees from the region. Fans of natural coffees will appreciate the distinctive aroma of white grape, pear and peach. A syrupy body coupled with flavors of pear, guava and strawberry make this Burundi coffee one of our best offerings. Previous crops have scored over 90 points by Coffee Review!
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