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Handpicked coffees, delivered to your door. An Amavida subscription is the easiest way to discover new origins and flavors.

How Subscribing Works

We’re thrilled to take you on a coffee journey with us.

Get started in three easy steps.

Pick Your Subscription

We’ve got three options to choose from, each featuring different types of coffees.

Set Your Preferences

Select your grind size, delivery frequency, and the number of bags for each shipment.

We'll Handpick Coffees

Our Director of Coffee hand picks beans so you get to experience a new coffee in each box.

Lets Find Your Perfect Subscription

We only send out exceptional coffees, but there are so many of them,

so we break our subscription into three options.

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Trekker Subscription for Best Organic Coffee Beans by Amavida


A global journey of coffees grown by quality-driven and sustainably-minded farmers.

Best for: coffee lovers who live and breathe delicious, balanced coffees from around the world.

Best Coffee Subscription Delivery, Reserve


A voyage to enjoy the most exotic small-batch coffee we can get our hands on.

Best for: coffee enthusiasts who have an unyeilding taste for the rare, unique and remarkable.

Best Espresso Beans, Home Delivery Subscription


A reliable subscription of our beloved espresso blends and occassional single origin.

Best for: home espresso lovers who crave sweet, full-bodied and balanced espresso that leaves you loving life with every cup!

Create Impact with

Every Bag of Beans

We’re true coffee nerds at Amavida, but we believe it’s not enough to persue excellence for ourselves. We persue excellence for everyone in the supply chain, especially our farming partners.

Sourcing Fair Trade and Certified Organic beans is just the start. We’re thrilled to work with farmers who are dedicated to environmentally-friendly growing practices, human rights and gender equality. As well as local community empowerment. We’re proud to contribute toward the economic stability of the communities we work with.

This isn’t just an organic coffee subscription for us. It’s our way of creating a safer, more equitable world for everyone – while also getting to explore the riches of high quality coffee. Will you join us on our mission?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all your coffees Certified Organic?

We primarily sell Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffees. These certifications – along with our commitment to carbon and plastic neutrality, sustainable sourcing and local giveback programs – are core to the Amavida mission of making the world a better place through mindful and compassionate coffee business practices.

Can I change or cancel my subscription?

Always! You can cancel or change your subscription frequency, number of bags or grind size at any point by logging into your account.

Will I always get a different coffee?

We send out a new coffee almost every shipment. Since coffee is a seasonal agricultural product that’s prone to global shipping delays, we can’t always guarantee a brand new coffee year-round, but it’s not a common occurrence to get the same coffee more than once.

When does the coffee ship out?

When you place an order, we’ll process it in 24-48 hours, roast a fresh batch of beans, and send the coffee your way. Please note: we don’t currently ship Friday – Sunday, so orders placed on Thursday through Sunday will ship out on Monday.

Can I create a gift coffee subscription?

Absolutely! To give a coffee subscription, pick the subscription offering, set your preferences, then click the “make this a gift” check box. We’ll send the recipient a quick email with tracking information to let them know their gifts is on the way.

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