Loblolly Cycling’s Coffee Ride

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Community, Events

Heading out this morning for my morning “coffee ride”. Luckily, Fridays in the workplace typically have become the “casual day” or “dress down day”. Hopefully the week’s projects are almost finished and you can put a stamp on them. (Not sure if some know how to use a stamp anymore).  The Friday morning “coffee ride” is the same; it’s always very casual, a time to rest the legs, and recharge for the weekend. It’s about taking it easy and catching up with other riders, and we start out at a mutually agreed upon place that serves great coffee!

Most of us have some coffee memories from our childhood. Mine is walking into the kitchen early in the morning, seeing my mom and dad sharing a cup of coffee over conversation about what happened the day before, or what was on the table for the day ahead. One of my favorite smells from the morning was coffee brewing. It smelled so good! We are a big family of seven children strong. So, my mom and dad did not have too many quiet moments, but with seven kids they found some time. (How right??) My dad was in the Union and my mom’s job was raising us. Our mornings were always very busy. Honestly, I don’t see how she did it. After we ate breakfast and just about ready for the day, my mom would say, “just let me sit down for one minute!” When she did, she grabbed her coffee cup and would sip on it. You could tell it was good by the way she savored it, sometimes slurping. She maybe got her minute before a small emergency of a child yelling, “hey mom!”, and then she was off and running.

The “coffee ride” gives riders a chance to sit down over a cup of coffee and talk about the latest bike gear, bike technology and what’s going on in the cycling world. All topics are fair game. Of course, lance and doping still finds its way on to the table. Between sips we talk about how we’re feeling; are we getting faster…slower…in a lull…peaking or are we still suffering from the lingering crash. We all got some pretty good excuses…um, explanations why we have not turned pro! The b.s. gets pretty good at times until someone calls shenanigans! Bike technology has changed so much and changing, so fast from the days of the old Schwinn single speed coaster brake bike. Now it’s electronic shifting with a push of a button, carbon wheels, carbon frames, carbon helmets…it’s all carbon for the strongest, lightest and fastest bike money can buy. Some guys have paid ten to twelve thousand dollars for their bikes! But the question is…can they ride?? With that, we’re off!

We invite you to follow along with Loblolly Cycling Team online. Or, join us for a cup and a cycle one morning when we start the Coffee Ride at Amavida Coffee and Tea, in Historic St Andrews, FL.

Written by: Joe Fritz

Loblolly Cycling Team members: Adam Mcanulty, Cruz Mond, Ethan Smith, Felix Chen, Gannon Love, Joe Fritz, Minh Nguyen

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