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About Us

We’re Leveraging Coffee

To Make The World Better

Imagine a coffee industry that provides dignifying wages to farmers, that generates net-zero impact on our environment, and that paves a way for local communities to thrive. We’re not there yet.

That’s why, at Amavida, we’re not satisfied being just another Fair Trade coffee roaster. We’re energized by pushing the limits of what it means to be an ethical and sustainable coffee company, because we believe the pursuit of exceptional coffee is one of the most powerful ways to create positive change—in both coffee producing countries, and at home.

We’d love to show you how.

Being Friendly and Fair

Our fair trade coffee is produced at fair trade standards that allow dialogue, transparency and respect to support producers and foster sustainable environmental farming practices. Hence, our mission is to be friendly and equitable, and to be recognized as the best organic coffee brand. At Amavida Coffee Roasters we develop trade partnerships that improve the financial conditions and profitability of small farm owners, most of whom are based in developing nations of Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

Above all, buying fair, sustainable and delicious coffee is a conscious moral decision we at Amavida Coffee Roasters we strive to maintain to make your life easier as a consumer. Our process to importing coffee involves drawing up an eco-friendly contract with a producer cooperative to promote environmentally sustainable practices that do not violate human rights and empower farmers to produce top-quality coffee.

As your preferred fair trade coffee roaster, Amavida Coffee Roasters  is deeply committed to not only the quality in the cup but also establishing excellent relationships both at and with the source.

Our Friends:
Cooperatives Around the World

As a member of Cooperative Coffees, the first and only cooperative of independent coffee roasters in the U.S and Canada, Amavida Coffee Roasters preference sourcing organic coffee beans from Fair Trade cooperatives that guarantee fair wages for their individual members.

Working with other Cooperative Coffees members since 2004 has enabled us to go beyond the simple concept of fair trade. We work hard to incorporate measures that allow coffee growers to achieve year-round income sustainability while supporting their use of the safest agriculture practices for the environment.

Our goal through Cooperative Coffees is to empower coffee producers and farmers through training on innovative coffee growing technologies and techniques. In addition to paying a premium for certified coffee, giving access to credit and ensuring repeat business for their product. This way local farmers, together with their exporting cooperatives, can benefit significantly. Also, while leading to greater economic growth and protecting the environment.

At Amavida Coffee Roasters we are proud of our specialty coffee’s origins. In particular, we care about the people involved, and in every process of purchasing and then preparing the organic coffee beans. Indeed, working to be the best for our coffee producers and communities while striving to be the most sustainable coffee brand we cans another way we choose to love life!.

A Loving Cause:
On The Ground

We at Amavida Coffee believe that the best way to promote fair trade, sustainability and ethical coffee is through collaboration with other humanitarian agencies, donors and communities to offer indigenous communities around the world a chance at building lasting infrastructure.

On The Ground is a Michigan-based organization that aims at supporting effective community development efforts among farming communities in the world. They collaborate with organic coffee brands and others industry, along with coffee producers at origin on community lead projects.  As an OTG partner, Amavida Coffee continues to create meaningful impacts for community partners. Projects we are involved in focus on gender and social equality, environmental sustainability, and economic security.

B the Change:
Amavida Coffee Roasters Is A B-Corp

To ensure we continue to be an sustainable coffee brand, Amavida Coffee Roasters is a Certified B Corporation. B-Corps are sustainable brands leading a global movement to redefine success in business by focusing on being the best for the world, not just the best in the world. To achieve certification, all B-Corps must undergo a rigorous investigation of business policies and procedures. Then these companies are scored on four facets: Governance, Workers, Community, and Environment.

All B-Corps voluntarily meet higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance which makes them powerful agents for change. That being said, we are glad to b a B Corp coffee company! We are proud to have joined the community of certified B Corporations since, 2014.