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We’re Leveraging Coffee
To Make The World Better

Imagine a coffee industry that provides dignifying wages to farmers, that generates net-zero impact on our environment, and that paves a way for local communities to thrive. We’re not there yet.

That’s why, at Amavida, we’re not satisfied being just another Fair Trade coffee roaster. We’re energized by pushing the limits of what it means to be an ethical and sustainable coffee company, because we believe the pursuit of exceptional coffee is one of the most powerful ways to create positive change—in both coffee producing countries, and at home.

We’d love to show you how.

Our Guiding Principle

Love Specialty Coffee, Love Life

Our Mission Isn’t Marketing

We’re in it for the long-haul.


Building a Healthier Industry
via Farmer Relationships

Untapped opportunities to create a more fair and ethical coffee supply chain are everywhere. As a member of Cooperative Coffees, an impact-driven sourcing group, we’re able to explore new ways of partnering with farmers that produce higher quality flavors and generate economic stability for communities in developing nations.

  • Living income for farm workers with a buying price minimum for $2.75/lb FOB
  • Farmer transparency and accountability in the coffees we source, roast, and serve
  • Long-term relationships and business credit to support year-long financial stability and farm improvements
Woman in coffee harvesting for the best organic coffee brands.

Protecting Our Planet with
Sustainable Coffee Partnerships

The Earth is good to us, and we believe we should be good back. That’s why we do everything we can to minimize environmental impact, both at home and abroad, and work to offset 100% of the impact we can’t avoid with sustainable partnerships that keep our planet safe and beautiful.
  • Net-zero carbon emissions and Plastic Neutral across the entire Amavida operation
  • Primarily sourcing Certified Fair Trade and Organic coffees, and encouraging sustainable agriculture at partner farms
  • Offsetting retail locations electric energy usage by partnering with Arcadia Power to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs)
  • Since November 2021 our primary roaster location is fully powered by on-site solar energy.
Coffee Trade Creates Sustainable Partnerships

Elevating the Communities
We Know and Love

Our passion for coffee doesn’t end when the mug is empty—it flows into the people and communities we engage with. We’re proud to support our friends and partners in a holistic way that looks beyond the bean to discover how we can make life better for everyone.
  • Investing $0.03/lb sold to a Cooperative Coffees community impact fund (winner of a 2020 SCA Sustainability Award)
  • Supporting gender equity, strong families, and sexual violence education via On The Ground Global
  • 100% of employees earn above the local living wage as part of the Certified B Corp mission of business as a force for good
Farmer with Fair Trade Hand Picked Coffee

Want to Get Involved?

Join us on our mission of spreading prosperity
and economic security through coffee.

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