Ethical Marketing

Ethical Marketing and Communications Commitment

Amavida Coffee and Trading Company commits to marketing and communication efforts that provide truthful and useful information to our audience, community members, partners, and patrons. It is important to us that the information we provide about our products, community impact, and business model is transparent, and that it be rooted in action, fact, and experience. The following policy for ethical marketing is a way of formalizing our ongoing values, guiding procedures, and ensuring ethical practices at every step of our journey.  

Honesty in Marketing

As ethical marketers we are devoted to absolute honesty in promotion of our products, services, sustainability and partner or community driven projects. We commit to:

  • Transparency and authenticity about the origins of our products and their production methods.
  • Clarify the safe use procedures of our products and options for responsibility handling of packaging materials.
  • Be honest about the social, economic, and environmental impact of our work, and to do this by only providing information that can be supported through data, qualitative reports/anecdotes from community members, and external certifications or 3rd party audits (e.g. B Corp certification, plastic neutrality, and carbon or renewable energy offsetts). 
  • Share stories about our work and create impact initiatives that are rooted in action and an authentic mission.
  • Not exaggerate results or our company’s journey, but rather to be honest about how we are constantly searching to improve.
  • Publishing user and customer generated content in its originial form, and not re-writing or over-editing reviews and testimonials. 

Respect and Sensitivity in Marketing and Communications

As we evolve and grow, we will work to ensure that our marketing materials and campaign procedures embody and reflect sensitivity, cultural awareness, and respect for the issues, topics, and people that we portray.  We commit to:

  • Dignified and respectful marketing and promotions: producing materials that seek to empower and lift voices rather than oversimplify or misrepresent issues.
  • Consistent learning as we consider how our multitude of community-partners are represented in order to avoid harmful stereotypes or oversimplification of issues.
  • Request permission and communicate intentions for photograph or video use with our community producers, team members, and all stakeholders domestically and abroad.

Consumer Privacy and Ethical SEO

Amavida Coffee also commits to the privacy of customer data and ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We commit to:

  • Not sell or give away user data to anyone without clear and written consent.
  • Create useful content that aligns with positive applications for relevant search engine and social media algorithms.  
  • Direct relevant traffic to our site(s) and social platforms by not keyword stuffing, hiding content, or misusing search engine algorithms. 
  • Not using alternative text spaces inappropriately or in ways that would make accurate information inaccessible. 

Permission Based Marketing

To protect our customers, suppliers, employees, and community from uninvited communications we will strive to only engage when invited and through approved channels. It is not our wish to serve content to anyone who does not want to receive it. We commit to:

  • Permission-based email marketing.
  • Striving to achieve GDPR compliance
  • Making it clear to users when they are deciding to “opt-in” to emails, data collection, and external marketing content.
  • Sending only valuable content to users, ensuring that it is relevant and factual as to avoid spam or misleading marketing schemes. 

Digital Advertising and Accessibility

Being mindful and alert about the information sharing, data collection and storage, as well as technology and design tools that our business uses for digital media is a high priority. We commit to:

  • Asking website visitors about Cookie preferences and providing opt-in options if Cookies are used
  • Restricting unrelated pop-up windows in order to maintain relevant information and a positive user experience. 
  • Making our webpages as user-friendly as we can: aiming to meet best performance and accessibility standards in our design and communications.
  • Only investing in marketing or advertising agencies that fit our values.

From the Amavida Coffee Family

If you would like to provide feedback on the policy above please feel free to contact us at  

To learn more about these ethical marketing standards and what policies like this aim to accomplish please visit B The Change: Ethical Marketing 


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