Coffee Skills Program

Advanced Barista Training & Coffee Classes For Every Stage Of Your Career

Looking coffee classes that will fuel your passion and sharpen your barista skills? Join us for advanced barista training! Enroll in the Coffee Skills Program at our Premier Training Campus. These courses are designed by the SCA and taught by an AST Certified professional. Most importantly, they offer education for every stage of your career!

The Coffee Skills Program is unique in that you can choose the education path to suit your individual interest and needs. All levels of baristas are welcome! No matter how much (or little) experience you may have, Intro to Coffee is the place to start. After that you can participate in Barista Skills and Brewing courses, at either the Foundations or Intermediate levels. Additionally, these courses can be taken individually or bundled. Each of the coffee classes in this program will take you one step closer to becoming an SCA Certified Barista!

In it’s entirety, the Coffee Skills Program consists of six modules, available at three levels, with points attached at every stage. Achieving 100 points makes you eligible to be awarded the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma. (Click here to explore the full curriculum through the SCA.)

To register for the Coffee Skills Program contact us through our website. Or, call us at 850-213-1965. We are here to help you excel through professional barista training, and to answer any questions you may have about enrolling in specialty coffee classes at our Premier Training Campus.

Course Descriptions

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Intro To Coffee

“Learn about coffee’s journey from its origins in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is today. From growing the cherries through grading, roasting, and brewing, this module provides an overview of the value chain.”

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Barista Skills

“Learn practical skills you need behind the coffee bar: learn how to set your grinder, milk techniques and latte art, health and safety, customer service, and basic business practices.”

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“Learn about the variety of methods for brewing coffee and the brewing variables that affect quality. The Brewing module provides hands-on learning on grind profiles, brewing methods, measuring coffee strength and charting a coffee’s extraction.”

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