Barista Training

Barista Training At A Premier Training Campus

Whether you’re seeking customized training for your staff or are interested in exploring career pathways in the specialty coffee industry, or you simply want to expand your general coffee knowledge – We have a barista training program to help develop the necessary skills to provide an exceptional coffee experience.

All barista training with Amavida Coffee Roasters is lead by an AST Certified professional at an SCA verified Premier Training Campus. (One of less than 50 in the whole U.S.)! Here we offer specialized courses like SCA’s Coffee Skills Program, as well as, customized training for wholesale partners.

If you have an interest to learn about coffee through professional barista training, please contact us through our website or call 850-213-1965 and we will be glad to help.

Coffee Skills Program

If you find yourself wondering how to become the most savvy barista on the block, then consider enrolling in the Coffee Skills Program. Administered by the SCA and taught by an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST), the Coffee Skills Program offers education for every stage of your coffee career.

Client Courses

Producing true specialty coffee means teaching and inspiring your staff to produce the best espresso and coffee drinks. As an Amavida wholesale partner you always have access to our Barista Training Program to develop professional baristas at our Premier Training Campus or at your location.

We work with our wholesale partners for continuous success. If you need additional help with recipe development, quality control, maintaining a healthy work environment, improving efficiency or customer experience, then we are here to assist.

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