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Let’s talk coffee news, from the coffee origin to the best brewing methods. We invite you to explore our coffee blog to get stories about your favorite specialty coffee beans, straight from the source. Commitment to quality coffee also includes conversation about brewing equipment & innovative ways to craft the perfect cup.

We believe supporting sustainable specialty coffee transcends sourcing, roasting, and serving the best organic coffees. It also means connecting with coffee-enthusiast, like you, to share insights and understanding of how the coffee we select can impact coffee farming families around the world.

Of course, this is more than a blog about understanding coffee. Here you can also find: stories from our local Florida communities, highlights about sustainable brands that inspire us, as well as, learning about local and industry events and how you can get involved.

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The Arts and Amavida

The Arts and Amavida

When you walk through Amavida’s cafe doors, you are first wrapped in an aroma of creatively crafted coffee. Then, you'll notice walls decorated with various pieces of art. From Picasso to Bob Dylan, coffee shops hold an environment that draws in artists from all...

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