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Support Sustainable Coffee Communities With Amavida Coffee Roasters

Every day at Amavida Coffee Roasters we’re working hard to create sustainable coffee. Our goals is to create positive, lasting impact in the lives of coffee producers, in our communities and for the environment. Hence, we provide opportunities for businesses and consumers to get involved and make every purchase matter.

Here is how you can help create sustainable coffee:

With Producers

Amavida Coffee Roasters makes it easy for you to support sustainable coffee and get involved by supporting the work of On the Ground Global to strengthen the economic and social development of farmers all over the world. You can make an impact by collaborating with other OTG partners to fund projects focusing on clean water, education, food security, gender justice and more.

We encourage our partners and coffee-enthusiast friends, to travel to the countries of origin and get involved in the coffee community. Take the opportunity to visit the local farmers and their cooperatives to learn firsthand how we can make a real and significant difference in their lives. Such opportunities present you with a chance to meet local families, share meals and exchange information face-to-face. To be part of this, contact us at [email protected] for details of upcoming trips or delegations.

In Communities

At Amavida Coffee Roasters, we understand that the health and strength of sustainable coffee-producing communities are integral to our success, as is the well-being of our local community. We are driven by a passion to give back to our communities to make the world a better place. Through our “Love Life” Interfaith Fundraising Program, we provide an opportunity for faith-based organizations to make a difference through their purchases by offering fairly traded coffee, tea, cocoa, and chocolate at wholesale pricing. Contact us for ideas about how to get started, product suggestions and pricing related to Amavida Coffee’s “Love Life” Interfaith Fundraising or other community programs.

Through volunteering and charitable giving, we can work together to support sustainable coffee communities globally. To learn more, please reach out to us at [email protected]

For Environment

Protecting the environment benefits each and every one of us. Hence, we should be committed to preserving the Earth’s resources so that it can benefit the future generations too. We advocate for environmentally friendly practices to help manage waste, conserve water, use energy efficiently, protect water quality, reduce harmful emissions and preserve biodiversity.

Join our cause to safeguard the environment by signing up through to support Arcadia Power’s clean and renewable energy initiative. Arcadia Power will make a $30 donation to support On the Ground Global’s Project Chiapas, plus a $20 account credit off their bill per every customer that signs up.

Contact Us

Promoting the arts, education, social entrepreneurship and collective action with local schools and our fellow merchants and community members can be powerful force for good too.

For more info on volunteering or receiving a charitable gift for your non-profit organization, please email us at [email protected] or contact us through our website.