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We’re A New Kind of

Earth-Friendly Coffee Company

Discover the best organic coffee in Florida, roasted and served with uncompromising passion for  a clean, healthy planet.

We are Amavida Coffee Roasters

With the Best Organic Coffee in Florida

We did a lot of soul searching to come up with a name that reflects our beliefs and values. A simple name that voices our commitments and gives us purpose, now and for the future. And so “Amavida” was born – a combination of Spanish words for love, “amar,” and life, “vida.” At Amavida Coffee Roasters, we build meaningful relationships with the best organic coffee farmers, sustainable suppliers, local employees and the environment. We source the best organic coffee available and are proud to pay a premium for our Fair Trade beans.

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A Friendly Company

Our Organic, Fair Trade Coffees are produced at standards that allow dialogue, transparency and respect to support producers and foster sustainable environmental farming practices. Hence, our mission is to be friendly and equitable. We invite you to get involved with Amavida Coffee in our pursuit of empowering coffee growing communities around the globe. For us, the business is not just about selling the best organic coffee, but also about the relationships made and the lives affected.

With A Coffee Focus

Amavida Coffee Roasters is proud of our coffees origins and every process of purchasing and preparing the beans. Our commitment for support of coffee growers (through non-profits like On the Ground) and sustainable coffee farming practices enable us to conduct business with a strong ethical foundation and a sense of fairness. So stop by our cafes where we’ll serve you a delectable, roasted-with-love, delicious cup of coffee and shop our best organic coffee online to support our mission.