Honey Huabal

Blackberry, Plum

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This organic honey-processed Peruvian coffee from Huabal has a velvety body and a pleasant dried fruit aroma. Aromas of raspberry and figs give way to flavors of blackberry, plum, and apricot. In a blind tasting Coffee Review awarded a past lot 93 points!

Organic and Fair Trade Coffee.

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MLP - Honey Process Coffee from Peru

Blackberry, Plum, Apricot
Brightness / Body

Medium-Soft / Full

Roast Level





1,700-1,900 meters


Caturra, Catimor



Sweet Like Honey: A Unique Peruvian Coffee from Huabal

Located high in the Andes mountain range, above the city of Jaen, the Huabal district. This is home to many farmers responsible for cultivating some of Peru’s best coffee. CENFROCAFE was founded in 1999 and represents more than 2,000 coop members of local associations in Cajamarca. Farmers from three local associations in Huabal contributed the coffee cherries that make up this particular micro-lot. Those associations are Brillante Perla Andina, La flor del Agua Colorada, Flor de la Manzanilla, Bosques Andinos, and El Sabor de la Nuevas Variedades .

These coffee cherries rested for a twenty-four hour period before being dried on raised beds to remove the moisture prior to being de pulped. This processing method is known as the honey process. It involves allowing the coffee to dry in its mucilage. That is, some of the fruit remains on the coffee bean as it dries which passes on sugars that affect the coffee’s aroma and flavor, as well as it's behavior during the roasting process. A major benefit of honey processed Peruvian coffee is that it demands a lot less water than a traditional washed process coffee.

The Bottom Line

The honey processing method is know for producing coffees that are complex and fruity. Our Honey Peru Huabal is no exception. This coffee has a smooth and velvety body that pairs well with a mild acidity, plus delicate berry and cream flavors. It is without question that this is one of the most unique Latin American coffees we currently offer and that it is representative of some of the finest coffee from Peru.

In a blind tasting Coffee Review awarded past roast 93 points! Read their full review here.

Thanks to our friends at Cooperative Coffees for helping us share the story of this honey process coffee from Huabal.

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