Espresso Mandarina

Chocolate, Orange Peel

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Espresso Mandarina is a dense and classic organic espresso with notes of chocolate, orange peel, and tangerine. This award winning espresso has been recognized as one of the best coffees of 2019 by Coffee Review and the Golden Bean Awards! Certified Organic and Fair Trade Espresso.

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ESM - Best Organic Espresso


Chocolate, Tangerine, Orange Peel

Brightness / Body

Medium / Dense

Roast Level



Sidama/ Cajamarca or  Kinyaziere


900-2000 meters




SCFCU/ Cenfrocafe or Muungano

No Organic Espresso Like Espresso Mandarina

A classic espresso blend is the workhorse of a specialty coffee shop, and our Espresso Mandarina is no exception to that rule. Our goal in designing this blend was the creation of a classic espresso that could be used in many different types of drinks in our cafes and that would be approachable to a wide array of consumers.

This blend’s organic and fair trade components change based on harvest cycles to ensure that no matter what time of year a customer decides to order an espresso-based drink, it will be fresh and retain a consistent character. In most cases, Espresso Mandarina will be served with some milk, so the blend has been carefully crafted to ensure that it has enough body and clarity to cut through the added texture.

Espresso Mandarina is all about balance and consistency. One of its seasonal components features intense body, good crema, and heavy fruit flavors. The other coffee that comprises the blend provides citric acidity, sweetness, and clarity. The final result is a coffee that pairs well with milk but is certainly strong enough to stand on its own. As such, Espresso Mandarina has become one of Amavida’s most popular and celebrated blends, earning a score of 94 with Coffee Review and is listed among the Top 30 Coffees of 2019! Other awards include: 

  • Top Certified Fair Trade/ Organic Coffee of 2019 by Coffee Review
  • Top Espresso Blend of 2019 by Coffee Review
  • Best Value Espresso of 2019 by Coffee Review
  • Silver and Bronze medals by the 2019 Golden Bean Awards

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