Empowerment Coffee

Our Empowerment Coffee Series is an important part of our role as an ethical coffee company & as organic coffee roasters. These coffees are great for enjoyment all day, any day.

At Amavida organic Coffee Roasters we aim to maintain long-lasting relationships with better trading conditions that promote the sustainability and empowerment of our customers, farmers, suppliers, employees and environment. We strive to uphold excellent ethical practices that ensure a long-term supply of high-quality coffee. This approach positively impacts the lives of coffee farmers and their communities.

We at Amavida organic Coffee Roasters believe that the best way to promote fair trade, empowerment and sustainability is through collaboration with other humanitarian agencies, donors and communities to offer indigenous communities around the world a chance at building lasting infrastructure.

We go through elaborate measures to serve you an outstanding cup of coffee. And we love doing it. From our interesting coffee adventures to the people that visit our shop and all the producers in different parts of the globe that work diligently to cultivate the coffees we serve, we absolutely love you all.

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