Rishi – Loose Leaf Tea Filters (Box of 100)

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Great for tea on the go! These easy to fill and fully biodegradable loose leaf tea bags are made with manila hemp. They can be used in any mug or pot to steep a splendid cup of your favorite loose tea or herbal infusion.

Loose Leaf Tea Bags from Rishi Tea

Shop loose leaf tea bags that are easy to fill, chemical-free, and are fully biodegradable! These exquisite tea bags from Rishi are made with natural manila hemp. They are just right for any cup, mug, or pot to make your favorite loose leaf tea (or herbal infusion)! One steep is all it takes to completely transform your perception of what a tea sachet should be. Rishi Tea has spent years seeking the richest tea varieties, working with the very top growers, fine-tuning their best blends, and designing a special knit tea bag that won't hinder the flavor and aroma of the best loose leaf teas. Try one cup, and you'll never think of a tea bag in the same way again. This new Rishi Tea filter is made from a plant-based mesh material resources which yields a far greater extraction ratio and infusion quality than any other tea bag. Paper, and even fine mesh silky bag materials, are too tightly woven and act as a barrier to the tea leaves infusion and extraction into the cup. They have found that a looser weave improves the overall tea experience. Serving Suggestion: We recommend one filter per 8 oz of water. There are 100 filters per box.

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