Bringing Local Flavor To The Espresso Bar: Introducing pink House Alchemy

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Supporting local makers is what we are all about!

It is our personal goal to collaborate with local and community-focused companies to bring our customers some of the best offerings. It is important that we carry the most excellent and ethically made products in our coffee houses for you to enjoy. We always consider how products and ingredients can make an impact. That’s why we reevaluated an important ingredient behind our counters. Can you guess which ingredient it is? That’s right. Our coffee syrup flavors! We thought it was time to find a like-minded syrup maker who put their local community first. It came down to finding a company who was really passionate about their craft and about their customers. This is where pink House Alchemy fits in! "pH" pink House Alchemy logo

A Labor of Love

Located just a couple states away in Arkansas, pink House Alchemy was just the company we were looking for to make our consciously-crafted syrup dreams come true! pink House Alchemy syrup is the brainchild of Emily Lawson, culinary genius and alchemist. What began as the exploration of finding the best flavor compliments to specialty coffee and lattes, turned into a full operation inside of a 100-year old pink house located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Thus started pink House Alchemy. Passionate about craft coffee and dedication to flavor experiences, the disconnect of utilizing products without a story in specialty coffee became clear to Lawson after pouring coffee flavored syrups in Arsaga’s Coffee at the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market. She sought out to create a product that matched the story and “special” factor of craft coffee. Her inspiration came from lavender growing at a local farm. The first batch of syrups began with her lavender syrup, but quickly turned into a whole range of products now under the pink House name. The heart of Lawson’s mission with pink House Alchemy is to highlight high-quality, local ingredients and to craft a truly delicious product through botanicals in their line of syrups, bitters, and shrubs. Her culinary journey began at the age of 15 and later bloomed into a degree in dietetics and biology. But her love and clear understanding of ingredients started even earlier, “I realized my special connection with flavor when I was very young. Some of my clearest memories are the smell of my Nana’s farm; Nana taught me all I needed to be a successful chef, without either of us realizing it,” recalls Lawson.

pink House Alchemy’s Dedication To Taste Experiences

pink House Alchemy takes syrup making to the next level! Even with their recent expansion into a new location, the pink House team still seeks ingredients as close to origin as possible. Meaning they are sourcing the likes of vanilla beans, arbol chili peppers, lavender, and more from a collection of local farms they have partnered with, to bring the best and freshest flavors to the cups of their customers. Lawson and her team consider everything from growing seasons, botanical availability, and quality when curating the best coffee syrups. “The process is arduous,” notes Lawson. “Learning and documenting the way the botanicals and herbs react under certain process conditions and choosing the peak flavor for products feels good. [We] are truly understanding how our ingredients work. We are always refining, but never changing our methodologies.” Lawson explains the sentiment of alchemy and why it’s a part of their name, “[alchemy] is to turn metal into gold.” This philosophy trickles into the business and process of making pink House syrup for her. “We are turning what we have at hand into something super valuable and meaningful, [we are] extracting gold.” The sheer dedication (and of course delicious flavors) to their products is what quickly drew us in.

The Perfect Connection

Our entire team really loves the story behind every product from pink House and their commitment to flavorful and natural products. “Aside from being a key ingredient to one of the best-flavored lattes I’ve ever had, pink House’s syrups are well-balanced, versatile, and flavor-forward,” mentions our barista, Joey. While the flavor of all of our cafe products is essential to our team, it is also important that the brands we support share some of the same values we do. It was easy for us to see how pink House Alchemy syrup would align with Amavida’s mission. pink House creates a special product that is very intentional with every aspect of their craft. Lawson and her team wanted their syrups to bind well with coffee products to heighten the overall experience, respecting how the botanical’s oils mix together with the coffee’s natural oils, they create syrups that can be tasted the entire time of sipping on a cup of organic coffee. This partnership was a natural fit for our brand and a product we believed that would appeal to our local Florida customers.

Add A Little Flavor To Your Day with pink House Alchemy Syrup

pink House Alchemy wants you to drink better and so do we. Every syrup is made with pure cane sugar and local botanicals. Being conscious of the sugar content was important to pink House. So they support cane sugar not only because it’s natural, but because it is an ingredient that “your body can easily break down,” says Lawson. You can now find pink House alchemy syrup at our four cafe locations. We are offering the vanilla, toasted caramel, and hazelnut syrups by pink House behind our espresso bar and for purchase. Ask your barista about picking up your own bottle of syrup to create your own “gold” at home. Here is a golden recipe straight from the pink House lab:

Toasted Caramel Coffee

  • 1 oz of pH Toasted Caramel syrup
  • 1 solid cup of joe

Simple and just right! We are proud to serve these craft syrups at our cafes! We believe they make for the perfect addition to our lattes, hot chocolates, and iced coffees as well. You can feel good knowing that your Amavida experience is supported by ethically-conscious farmers and brands, now including consciously-crafted syrups by pink House Alchemy.   Article contributed by Brianna Fox-Priest. Get to know more of her work at the Socialista Podcast or on Instagram @bysocialista

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