Coffee Cherries by Burundi Kibingo

Coffee Cherries hand picked by Burundi Kibingo

When smallholders bring their coffee cherries to Kibingo Central Washing Station during harvest times, they are able to obtain both organic fertilizer from reconverted coffee pulp and low-cost coffee seedlings. In addition, Kibingo Central Washing Station participates in a number of support and farmer outreach projects intended to both strengthen cooperatives and improve quality. As a result, Kibingo’s coffees have been very well-received in Burundi’s Cup of Excellence competitions.

The Bottom Line
The smallholders who use Burundi’s Kibingo Central Washing Station have produced a dense and fruity honey-processed coffee that is a favorite of the team at Amavida Coffee Roasters. It is juicy with great body and a mellow acidity. Candied fruit notes of fig, peach cobbler, and caramelized apple are pronounced in both the dry aroma and the brewed beverage.

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