Two girls at the beach with their Certified Plastic Neutral Amavida Coffee from Cafe on 30a with zero-plastic footprint.

Amavida is dedicated to 100% of their plastic output being recovered and recycled. With the help of rePurpose Global, we calculated our complete plastic consumption for a year. Then, with the assistance of their impact partners at Taka Taka Solutions, we were able to ensure the removal of an equal amount of plastic from the environment.

To celebrate the positive impact coffee can have and that you support, we created the 100% Plastic Neutral coffee blend. Our NEW Oceans Blend rotates between two seasonal coffees from Colombia and Honduras, and it offers coffee lovers delicious flavor notes of caramelized fruit, brown sugar and roasted nuts.

Though the individual coffees that make up the blend change due to seasonality, it is designed to offer a consistent sensorial experience. The Oceans Blend works great as a pour-over, espresso or cold brew option. To top it off, this blend is always Fair Trade and Organic Certified. You can rest assured that the coffee isn’t only delicious, but helping to remove plastic waste as well.

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