Kristin Spargo, barista at Amavida Coffee Roasters, seen holding her herbal iced tea "The Bubbleyum Spring"

The Bubbleyum Spring is the brainchild of Kristen Spargo. It has fun and whimsical name that perfectly sums up the flavor and look of the drink. Much like bubblegum, Kristen’s new spring tea has a beautiful pink hue.

She wanted to make a drink that could be enjoyed by all ages. The Bubbleyum Spring is a caffeine-free tea that is delightful in every way. You can order with or without simple syrup to enjoy to your liking. Expect fruity and tropical flavors thanks to the blend of our orange blossom tea and tropical crimson tea. Notes of zesty citrus fruit, green tea, tart organic hibiscus tea, and sweet berries come together in this refreshing drink.
The use of two of our cafe tea blends to make an organic hibiscus tea, really speaks to Kristen’s creativity. “The inspiration behind my drink comes from me wanting to create a drink that is easy to make and is a perfect refresher”, Kristen told us. She also mentioned that the key to her recipe is the extraction process. So she can capture the optimal flavors from each tea blend, she steeps the teas separately in an infuser teapot by Rishi, then combines over a glass of ice.

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