Aleighsa Wright, barista at Amavida Coffee Roasters, seen here holding her iced matcha tea limeade.

Matcha Limeade is the newest tea creation crafted by Aleighsa Wright. As you may know, matcha is a Japanese green tea powder that is whisked in hot water until smooth and creamy. It typically has a strong green tea flavor and is high in caffeine.

Aleighsa takes the traditional matcha tea and revamps our spring menu with her slightly sweet and bright iced Matcha Limeade. She says, “anyone who loves limeade” will enjoy this drink, especially because it’s also easy to learn how to make iced tea at home by following Aleighsa’s steps. She starts by whisking together sweet matcha powder, honey, lime juice, and hot water until combined. Then it is poured over a chilled glass of sparkling water, “this is the best way to make sure all of the ingredients are combined well”, says Aleighsa. The key here is to make your own limeade, making it the perfect refreshment on a sunny day at our Florida cafes.

The flavors of the Matcha Limeade are classic, yet still feel new. When you make your own limeade, the citrus really complements the matcha and honey. The sweet matcha powder is available for purchase at our cafes, so you can easily experiment with how to make iced tea at home.

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