Norandino Decaf

Malt, Vanilla, Nougat

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This low acidity, medium-bodied organic decaf coffee from Peru’s Coop Norandino is deep and malty with notes of malt, molasses, and brown sugar.

Certified Organic and Fair Trade Coffee.

MWD - Organic Peru Decaf Coffee
Malt, Molasses, Brown Sugar
Brightness / Body
Low / Full
Roast Level
900 - 1,700 meters
Catimor, Typica, Caturra, Bourbon
Sip A Pleasant Water-Processed Organic Peru Decaf Coffee
Set against the backdrop of Piura in the Andes mountain range of northern Peru, Coop Norandino is responsible for producing some of Peru’s finest organic specialty coffee. Founded in 1993 and comprising more than six thousand members, Norandino has focused on improving the lives of farmers in the Piura region through the consolidation of several different member organizations. Norandino is focused on improving quality and sustainable organic practices for its members and increasing their exports into specialty markets across the world. Piura has been hard-hit by torrential rains and massive flooding the past few years due to massive temperature swings attributed to global warming, and Coop Norandino has been at the forefront of coordinating relief efforts to rebuild the region.
The Bottom Line
Organic coffees from Peru’s Coop Norandino are consistently interesting, and this water-processed decaf is no exception. Decaffeinated coffee is often stereotyped as being bitter and flat, but this coffee possesses a pleasant fragrance reminiscent of fresh baked sugar cookies and a brown sugar syrupy sweetness in the cup. It is malty, full-bodied, and representative of a well-balanced Peruvian decaffeinated coffee.
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