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by | Feb 15, 2019 | Brewing, Cafe Design, Coffee

Meet A La Marzocco Work Of Art

If you’re in any of our cafes, you know we love our La Marzocco Strada espresso machines. They’re powerful, efficient, and empower baristas to pull tasty, balanced shots.

la marzocco machine

But there was one machine we just couldn’t get along with.

The internal parts kept breaking. Shots just weren’t pulling as consistently as they should have been. It was becoming a constant headache for the baristas, so we disconnected it from the plumbing, loaded it onto the back of a truck, and took it to our headquarters to be thoroughly inspected.

Turns out, it was on its last leg.

La Marzocco Training with the Save

Both Dan Bailey (our founder) and Colby Herndon (our espresso tech) have attended machine maintenance trainings from La Marzocco, and they’ve both been impressed by how effective they are.

Colby loves how they’ve enabled him to “get my hands on a machine and physically troubleshoot and diagnose every problem.”

Dan always talks about how the techs from La Marzocco make you feel like you’re part of a coffee and espresso machine loving family. “Conversations often drift to repair war stories and winning moments that we overcame.”

servicing la marzocco expresso

Machine Transformation from Top To Bottom

Amazingly, Colby and Dan were able to fix every problem they could find with the machine and even added a few bells and whistles of their own.

It took weeks, and countless hours on the phone with La Marzocco reps solving more complex issues, but they were able to bring the machine back to thriving life. To celebrate its renewal, they powder coated it white and gave it the name: “The Stormtrooper”.

“The espresso machine is usually the first piece you see on the bar when you walk into a coffee shop and it can really make it pop when you add color and fix it up real nice for the customer.”

— Colby Herndon

What was once a patience-testing, on-the-brink-of-failing espresso machine is now one of our prides on display at our training facility. It works like new and is a reminder of how great maintenance and loving care can keep our equipment working longer than many first expect.

beautiful la marzocco espresso machine

Beyond Machines: Cafe Concepts, Gear Installation, and Barista Training

We love helping our clients upkeep their espresso machines, but that’s only a small portion of how we help our partners thrive.

A great cup of coffee isn’t a result of only functioning equipment, but also focused atmosphere design, a mindful cafe concept, and well-trained staff—and we’re happy to offer our expertise and guidance in all of these arenas.

For this reason, we like to call ourselves a ‘full service integrator’, because we’re not just interested in selling our roasted coffee, but in empowering our partners to reach their full potential. Your success is our success.

So how can we help your business grow and thrive?

We’d love to hear—contact us and we’ll get back shortly.

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